Julia Demetrius- Holiday Card

Designed a heartfelt and personalized holiday card for Julia Demetrius, capturing the essence of her family's personalities and interests. The focus was on creating lifelike and recognizable facial features to ensure a genuine representation of Julia, her husband, and their young son. The family's warmth and individuality were brought to life, emphasizing familiarity for the recipients.

Incorporating Julia's son's passion for soccer, the setting was crafted to exude action and movement while subtly integrating holiday elements. The scene captures the family's joyful spirit amidst the holiday festivities, with the soccer theme adding a dynamic touch. The bodies were designed with a more generic yet expressive avatar look, allowing the focus to remain on the genuine facial expressions.

This unique holiday card not only reflects the family's personality but also radiates warmth and authenticity, making it a memorable and cherished greeting for their loved ones.

e body can be more of a generic/avatar look. Also, her son plays soccer, she suggested the setting might reflect action/movement. But it still needs to read "holiday."